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Integrating Video

With the way digital everything is changing the way we work as artists and photographers, it’s only smart to pick up on the newest technologies and trends to stay in the game.
A lot of photographers are adding video to their services, and a lot of companies are using those services alongside regular still photography to help promote their products.
If you’re just getting into this video stuff, you won’t need a super high-end camera, especially if it’s only for self-promotion. Make sure your camera is small and light-weight and offers HD recording capability of at least 1280x720p.
However, if you don’t like the idea of operating a video camera or you aren’t very good at it, there are other ways to integrate video into your workflow as well.


Something a lot of clients are asking for these days – especially in the field of journalism are multi-media packages. It could be as simple as a photo-slide-show with voice-overs and music to something as complex as a a project that spans a slide show and makes a connection your website either through content or continuity.

This was my first venture into multi-media, a personal fine-art project that focused on visual style and concept. I didn’t even use a video camera – I just used a still camera with a high frame-rate to give it a unique look. Good concept + visual style + effective audio = memorability in a multi-media project.

Behind the Scenes

For those of you who don’t like the idea of producing and directing a a short film can turn to a behind the scenes option – Have a friend video-tape a shoot that your doing. It’s fun and it’s an effective way to show potential clients your personality on set. The videos should be short – no more than 3-5 minutes, and they should always contain the finished product, the photos. You can also have an interview with yourself, weather it’s about a certain project or if it’s an autobiography. Just make sure you don’t play it up to the camera too much, just be yourself.

Social Media

And here’s where it all comes together. Get yourself a Youtube or Vimeo account and use it alongside your twitter or facebook account. Tell people about your videos! Share them! Things are moving along very quickly in the digital world of today, and you wouldn’t want to be left behind.