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Yours truly, in the studio

Yours truly, in the studio

Robert Schultze is a photographer currently residing in the San Francisco Bay area.
He specializes in portraiture and advertising and occasionally indulges himself in fashion photography. He grew up in Green Bay Wisconsin where after taking numerous art classes for several years settled on photography when he was 16. He shot his first paid photography job shortly after and started pushing to get his work seen by more people. With the support of the art community behind him, he quickly rose to the ranks of the more well-known artists in the Northeast Wisconsin area and had several solo and group exhibitions throughout the state. When he was 20 years old, he quit his day job and became a full-time professional photographer.

With digital photography evolving so fast, he decided he would need a formal education to stay in the game. He was accepted into the Academy of Art university in San Francisco California and moved away in the summer of 2008. Although he mainly focuses on his studies for his Bachelor’s degree, he still does work for local companies as well as model tests and headshots.

He enjoys traveling, music, writing, graphic design and Oreo cookies.

Selected Clients:

-San Francisco Community Consortium Clinic
-Paul’s Hat Works
-Auckland Youth Orchestra
-Dark Garden Custom Corsetry


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