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I guess the whole point of a blog is to get to know the person who writes it. Here are a number of questions I have been asked in the past, as well as a few others that I feel might be of interest to you.

How long have you been a working Photographer?
Six years, but I have only been a full-time photographer for about 2 of those.

What sort of gear do you use?
I use a decked-out Nikon D300 with the MB-D10 battery grip, and a plethora of lenses.

Whats your specialty?
I like to think that I can do anything, but I am currently getting the most work in Portraiture and Advertising. I also do well with event photography and post-production.

What sort of events do you shoot?
I have shot a lot of events, fairs, summer camps, corporate parties. My favorite type of event to shoot is a live performance. Bands, orchestras, plays.

What are your goals?
I guess my goals are like anyone’s goals. I want to be successful at what I do. I want to do large-scale ad campaign work, I would love to work in fashion, and I would like to break into the world of stock photography.

How often do you update?
I try and update the blog twice a week – Monday and Friday.

Did you really shoot your first job at 16?
Yes. It was a private wedding in a botanical garden. So far, it has all been uphill from there.

What Photographers/Artists inspire you?
Lou Lesko
Robert Stivers
Autumn Dewilde
Annie Leibovitz


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  1. …was reviewing my emails from and your site was referred. Congratulations on moving forward at a young age, and striving to keep your standards high. Being in the freelance market for several years I too continue to strive for quality for myself and my clients here in the Chicagoland area. Teaching is another vocation that I am pursuing to instruct and inspire those with the passion and drive, but needing that “second eye” or critical point of view. Have heard very good things about the Academy and their program – keep moving forward.

    November 22, 2009 at 10:24 pm

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