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Western Circle Sword Fighters

Last week I took a drive to Half Moon Bay with an assistant and a trunk full of lighting gear to check out the Western Circle Sword Fighters’ annual “Best of the Best” tournament.This organization is focused on the martial art of sword fighting of all styles, fighters build their own wooden or steel swords and craft their own leather and steel armor and compete
in full contact one on one fights.
It was interesting to work with because everything was so shiny and metallic and all the fighters were wearing black leather. I wanted to them to have a very dramatic “lit” look, so we
set up a black background with a strip box on either side for a rim light, we used a 5 degree grid to highlight the face and an on-camera speedlight for fill.
We did half body shots of the fighters with their armor and swords, and then tight head shots. The photos were typically taken between fights so everyone was still pumped up on
adrenaline and sweaty. We got to watch a bit of the competition and I can tell you, these guys do not mess around.

Overall I was very satisfied with what we got and I will definitely be working with them again. Don’t miss the BTS video at the end!



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  1. Alta Galleria

    Hey, Rob;

    Good to hear from you.

    Check out our new location @ 2000 4th St. @ University, Berkeley. We’re now sharing a space with 4th Street Fine Art; 15 of us in a big room with windows on 3 sides!

    Open only on weekends unless you can call me; I can be there most any time, but I’m moving so need some notice.

    Keep up the good work & thanks for staying in touch,


    October 26, 2012 at 10:07 pm

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