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Occupy California: Portraits of the 99% (Santa Rosa)

Today I made my to the Occupy Wallstreet protests in Santa Rosa, CA. It was a HUGE event, well over 1000 people showed up for it. It was a little overwhelming to say the least. I shot as many people as I could before the march started. Tomorrow we make our way to San Jose…

Note: This project is beginning to span all of California and possibly all of the US so if you want help out in the form of a donation, you can do HERE. Thanks for the support!



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  1. As the man who held the reflector for this shoot, I can have no bias at all in saying these are amazing shots. My favorite was the apprehensive girl (next to the public education couple in the above line-up). She was so timid in real life, I really had to wonder why she wanted us to take her picture in the first place. And yet, she gave one of the best expressions of everybody, and I think overcame her own camera shyness. All in all, a great shoot.

    October 15, 2011 at 11:31 pm

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