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BART Protest, Powell St Station 9/8/11

The group “No Justice No BART” staged a protest on 9/8/11 about the killings of 2 men in the last year. They demanded that the BART police retire and they proceeded to attempt to block the turnstiles so that no commuters could come and go. They thought this would force BART to open the emergency gates to ride for free, but with the clipper card system in place if you don’t “tag off” at your final destination you are charged for the entire line whether you traveled it or not. This simply upset commuters and BART and so the SFPD shut down the entire station, locking the protesters inside. There were at least a dozen arrests.
The only reason I did not stay inside the station when they shut it down was because I did not have press credentials because I don’t usually do this sort of thing. I was simply at the right place at the right time. Some will say that I’m taking sides with No Justice No BART but to be honest I don’t agree with how either side handled this situation. I Think it was very foolish of No Justice No BART to think that they could get away with blocking the turnstiles or that it would even make a difference beside anger and inconvenience hundreds if not thousands of commuters.
I also believe that the SFPD were far too aggressive – I was shocked when they locked everyone inside the station and surrounded the protesters. I saw at least 2 people get beaten up and dragged away. The protesters were all very young – 18, 19, 20.

Gathering for the protest

SFPD preparing for what's coming

The arrival of some masked protesters

Banners arrive

Police forming a peremiter around the turnstiles

Protesters rushing the turnstiles

Locking up the station with the protesters still inside

A girl calling to her friend who is inside, being arrested.


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