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Portraits of a best friend

Josh and I have known each other for nearly 20 years. We met during a 4-H meeting, which we found boring at that age and decided to draw and color in the back of the room.
I wouldn’t call Josh a social butterfly or a party goer or shy. He is a social person for sure, but behind the hundreds of tagged photos on Facebook of parties and flamboyant drinking outings is an intensely private person who is intelligent, curious and compassionate. He is not a model. I knew this as I brought him in to the studio. He’s used to having his photo taken with a PBR in his hand in a crowd. I wanted that context completely removed, so the photo was all about him, at a much more personal level. I knew he would be awkward but I wanted that discomfort of the situation, because I knew his trust for me would show through. No person is prepared for the intimacy of a studio portrait, especially one as minimal as this.


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