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Slow month? Shoot a portfolio

As photographers, we are constantly thinking about what we will be shooting next. We all have things we would love to shoot, specific projects that we want to dive into when we have free time.
Now if we’re lucky, we will be bogged down by lots of work from demanding clients who will pay us our living. However, it’s important to shoot for yourself, and what better time to do this than during a month where work is slow?
It’s good for you, because it will keep your creativity flowing. And it will also give you new work to show your clients, a sign to them that you’re always thinking about your work.
Sometimes portfolios take time. Especially fashion portfolios, you have to book models, stylists etc – even if all of your crew consists of good friends, it can still take time to sync up everyone’s schedule.
I’ve shot a portfolio in a week. When you really get into something, something you’ve wanted to shoot for awhile and have it fully realized in your head – that’s a powerful thing.
Whats important is that you indulge yourself. Don’t shoot a portfolio for someone else – “Oh X client will love it if I have a portfolio of this” You need to do this for yourself, it will be much stronger.
Keep those creative juices flowing. Shoot what you love, for you.

Please note: Putting yourself in danger is not ENTIRELY necessary for a good portfolio.


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