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The end of print?

Since it’s invention, photography has been a print medium. Salt-prints, ambro-types, tin-types, everything was printed on something. Today it seems like it’s everywhere in newspapers, magazines, billboards, etc. With the digital age dominating, we are seeing a decline in newspaper and magazine subscriptions, and more integration of digital mediums, such as electronic billboards, internet ads and even a few video-based magazine ads with paper-thin LCD screens.
Studies show that kids between the ages of 8 – 18 consume multiple types of media at the same time, most of them digital while print is being left in the dust.

Then there’s the iPad. Personally, I love having a printed portfolio, but this slick new toy or at least the concept behind it may very well replace printed samples. Photography schools and programs are already starting to teach 35mm film exclusively to fine-art students. We’re coming into that sci-fi world that we’ve been seeing in the movies since the 1950’s, minus the flying cars. So what do you think? Is print media dying? Will it be replaced by iPads and other types of digital medias and display? Comment and place your vote below!


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