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Photoshoot – My Father

I have a bit of a history with photojournalism and documentary photography. I enjoy telling people’s stories through photographs, but it’s more of a hobby and not really something I would consider doing as a full time job. It has been a benefit to my editorial and portrait photography, and I am quite happy with that, however.
I recently had to fly home because my Grandmother had died. It was sad, but it’s hard to feel too sad about someone who traveled the world and touched many people and overall lived a wonderful life. It was a cloudy day after the funeral, and my father was sitting in the front room (he calls it his “study”) looking at old photos. He is very interested in our family’s history, and has countless old photos and books and trinkets from when his great grandparents came from Germany to this country.
As he was paging through a photo-album and smiling my photojournalism instincts tingled. I knew that I had to photograph him NOW, as my father is usually rather stand-offish and awkward about being in photographs. He was in an unusual place, a place mixed with sadness and relief, memories and thoughts.


One response

  1. These are great shots of your father. He’s a good guy, and I think you captured him well here, Rob.

    November 27, 2009 at 11:47 am

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